Wellness Inspired.

Wellness coaching and immersive retreats based on the fundamental principals of body-mind integration from within.

Energize, Balance, Heal. 


  • "Spas are known for providing a haven for healing. Master teacher, Chris Matesic combines chakra yoga and core performance training to help guests live in alignment with their souls."
    - American Spa Magazine
  • "The most beautiful meditation with teacher, Chris Matesic. Breathing in high vibe energy and letting go what no longer serves us. Thank you!"
    - Yelo Spa
  • "Under Matesic, whose passion for life and desire for success is almost palpable when he's in the room. He can change the culture and create a winning environment."
    - The Daily News

Soul Centric Living

At Soulipa we believe your well-being is sourced from within. We have embraced a soul-centric ethos and are focused on bringing holistic retreats and homeopathic remedies to modern day lifestyles. 

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